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Governing Council

  • Composition

    The Governing Council which is the highest authority in the college is made up of two types of membership

    1. The Appointed Members

      • These members are appointed by the Governor of Kaduna State and consist of the chairman and six other members, one of which is the Provost of the College.
    2. Co-opted Members

      • These consist of four principal officers, namely: Deputy Provosts, Registrar (Secretary to the Governing Council) Bursar, Librarian; and two Directors of Schools.
  • Function

    The functions of the Governing Council are two-fold:

    • Policy formulation
    • Supervision
  • Committees

    The Governing council has the following committees:

    • Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GPC) which deals with the financial and property matters of the College.
    • Appointments and Promotions Committees (APC) which deal with all staff matters.
  • Meetings

    The Governing Council meets quarterly. However, emergency meetings can be held when the need arises.

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